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Decades of logging have drastically changed the landscape and lifestyle of those who call the Solomon Islands home. Now, the last untouched forest of the country is at risk of being lost. The Indigenous communities who live in the high mountain forests, known locally as the “Sky Aelans” or Sky Islands, are the last guardians of these sacred spaces. This film is a reflection and celebration of the vital bond that these communities have with their Sky Aelans.

Producers | Neil Nuia, Daniel Lin, Tracy Rector, Rob Lau, David Boseto, Edgar Pollard

Directors | Georgianna Lepping, Jeremy Gwao, Regina Lepping, Zahiyd Namo, Junior Patrick Makau, Manner Lévo, Neil Nuia, Daniel Kakadi, Edward Manuga

Cinematographers | Daniel Kakadi, Junior Patrick Makau, Mannar Lévo, Zahiyd Namo

Editors | Nick Stone, Taylor Hensel

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