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Kahumana is a nonprofit that has served the Waianae community since 1978 around a core belief that at the heart of healthy communities are healthy people. The programs carried out by this vision have provided care for people with chronic mental illness, developmental disabilities and families experiencing houselessness around a productive farm-based community.

The margins on farming are incredibly thin - too thin to finance the equipment and labor necessary to allow us to grow more food on more acres. The bottom line is efficiency: we need to adopt technology that will free our farm crew from the slow and back-breaking tasks that are currently done by hand.

We want to transform 6 acres of invasive trees into abundant vegetable fields. We want to install thousands of feet of irrigation, expand our livestock, and finance equipment to shape our vegetable beds by tractor rather than by hand. But we can't do it without the support of our community.

Directed by Rob Lau
Story Design by Emily Lau
Aerials by Mighty Binonwangan
Additional Footage by Wes Hodge
Photos Courtesy of Kahumana

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